Plan B Gallery, The Dead Supreme, Forest Park, Il. (Solo Exhibition)

Lakeside Gallery, The Dead Supreme, Lakeside, MI. (Solo Exhibition)

Glen Horowitz Gallery, Rock Stars, East Hampton, NY. (Group Exhibition)

Cartelle Gallery, Big Holy, Marina Del Rey, CA. (Group Exhibition)

Randall/Ericson Gallery, Luminaries in Stone, Palm Springs, CA. (Solo Exhibition)

Mark Moore Gallery, Paint, American Style, Santa Monica, CA. (Group Exhibition)

Mark Moore Gallery, New Paintings, Santa Monica, CA. (Solo Exhibition)

Finesilver Gallery, New Work, San Antonio, TX. (Solo Exhibition)

Skidmore Gallery, Big, Malibu, CA. (Group Exhibition)

Mark Moore Gallery, Hollywood Satan, Santa Monica, CA. (Group Exhibition)

Barbara Braathen, Urban Analysis, New York, NY. (Group Exhibition)

Marcel Sitcoske, Masks for Aids, New Yor, NYk. (Group Exhibition)

Lee Arthur Studio, Tombstone Travels, New York, NY. (Solo Exhibition)

Lee Arthur Studio, Transformations, New York, NY. (Group Exhibition)

Europe Revisited, Curated by Caroline Spitzer, Paris, France. (Solo Exhibition)

Lee Arthur Studio, New York, NY. (Solo Exhibition)

Makeshift Gallery, Provincetown, MA. (Solo Exhibition)

Makeshift Gallery, Provincetown, MA. (Solo Exhibition)

XX Century Gallery, New York, NY. (Solo Exhibition)

Barbara Braathen Gallery, Tombstones, New York, NY. (Solo Exhibition)

56 Bleeker Street, New York, NY. (Group Exhibition)

Ricky Clifton Gallery, Modern Martyrs, New York, NY. (Solo Exhibition)

The Fun Gallery, New York, NY. (Group Exhibition)

Patrick Fox Gallery, New York, NY. (Group Exhibition)

Club 57, Found Objects, New York, NY. (Group Exhibition curated by Keith Haring)


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photo by Frank Pinc

Scott Covert's work can be seen at the following galleries:

Edelman Arts
136 E. 74th St.
New Yory, NY 10021

Glen Horowitz Gallery
87 Newtown Lane
East Hampton, NY 11937