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Traditional Toffee Traditional Toffee
Traditional Toffee Cello Bag
Made with
Premium Guittard Chocolate
Our Traditional Toffee is pure & creamy with a big crunch. Always makes a favourite gift.

Handmade from a family recipe, which was received as a wedding present, with organic creamy butter, organic sugar & toasted almonds.

More Toffee Flavour:
The goodness of a cookie with the crunch of Toffee!

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"Excellent British toffee."
Marin Independent Journal

"I had a sample of Sweet Marcelline's toffee. Great flakey, brittle yet substantial texture, rich browned buttery flavor & just the right amount of chocolate." chowhound

Traditional Toffee Box Packaged in a classic white candy box or in bags. Tied with printed chocolate brown & turquoise ribbon with hangtag label.

May refrigerate for up to 8 weeks to enjoy later. Bring to room temperature before serving.

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Sweet Marcellines hand makes Almond Chocolate Toffee with Premium, Organic Ingredients.
Sweet Marcelline's Inc.
Handmade Toffee & Organic Cookies
Made in California, 90048 USA
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